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Tech_HEDs_logo.gif We have been participating in the FLL robotics competition since the 2005 season (Ocean Odyssey).

We have not yet converted the pages from our previous seasons to this site but you can still read about our adventures on our old site:

FT magazine

We were interviewed by a photojournalist and were featured in the magazine on Saturday 5th March 2010.


2010 Season

The 2010 challenge is about biomedical engineering.

In the preparation phase before a tournament, each team must:

At a tournament, each team must:

  • Run their robot against another in the robot game.
  • Explain their robot's technical features (engineering and programming) to a team of judges.
  • Deliver a presentation of their project about transportation to a team of judges.
  • Discuss teamwork and the process of working on the challenge with a team of judges.
FLL2010 Body Forward

Runners-up, UK Research Project Award

The Tech HEds were the runners-up in the Research Project award at the UK final at Loughborough University on 22 January 2010.

The team was very happy when the robot performed well enough on the table to scrape into 8th place after the qualifying rounds. In the quarter-finals, the operators experienced problems and the robot gained a very low score.

Winners of regional Director's Award

The Tech HEds won the South West Regional Tournament on 24 November 2010 at HP in Bristol.

What we have created

Our robot Our research project
We have a robot with an elevator shaft for dropping the deliverables. Our project is a glove to help people with problems to grip. We have applied for a patent in the UK and are submitting our project to the FLL Global Innovation Award.

You can read about it in our Gripassist leaflet. Please vote for Gripassist in the FLL Global Innovation Award.

FLL2010 robot Gripassist
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